What’s Your Gut Feeling???

A guide to probiotic supplements

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are defined by the World health organisation as “Living organisms”. The average human body contains around 100,00 billion organism within the gastrointestinal tract and billion’s more in the skin, genito-urinary and respiratory tract all of these working hard to keep you healthy. The healthy bowel should have about 3-4lbs of good bacteria which help to complete digestion, improve assimilation of nutrients, make vitamins and kill off bacteria.

Types Of Bacteria

  • Lactobacillus
  • Bifdobacterium

Probiotic supplementation can be attributed to their ability to assist the natural micro flora in some way.

The Role

  • Reduces hypersensitivities to food allergens
  • Maintenance of appropriate gut Ph
  • Digestive breakdown of milk and sugars
  • Modulation of the immune function
  • Synthesis of vitamins and minerals detoxification and transformation
  • Support healthy cholesterol levels
  • Prevents the formation of carcinogenic compounds
  • Detoxify the colon
  • Supports the function of intestinal tact to provide a barrier against release of toxins into the blood stream.

What Disrupts Them?

  • Antibiotic use
  • High fat / low fibre diet
  • Gastric inhibitors
  • Contaminated food and water
  • Foreign travel

How Can inCleanse Help You?

Aloe vera gel

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