Pre conceptional Care “The Foresight Plan”


Pre-conception Programme – “The Foresight Plan”Foresight

  • Treats the whole person
  • Safe and effective
  • Individually tailored
  • Health enhancing
  • Experiences and knowledgeable practitioners
  • Personalised service

Are You Planning A Family?

Then the pre conceptual approach of Foresight can help with overcoming the following issues in connection with conception, pregnancy and birth:

  • miscarriage
  • infertility
  • stillbirth
  • birth defects
  • unexplained infertility
  • post-natal depression
  • health problems in the child
  • low sperm count
  • poor resistance to infection
  • low birth weight
  • premature birth
  • malformation
  • breast feeding difficulties
  • handicap
  • hyperactivity
  • learning problems
  • asthma
  • eczema
  • and other problems relating to conception, pregnancy and birth.

Who Will Benefit From Pre Conceptual Programme?

Couples and women who would benefit from this type of Preconception Programme are normal healthy, fertile couples who want to do the best for their babies. Also those couples who have general infertility with or without known cause, including problems with sperm count, motility an-ovulation, etc.
The pre conceptional programme will also help those who have had previous spontaneous abortions or with a previous history of malformation, prematurity, low birth weight, stillbirth or sudden infant death syndrome. The foresight plan will also increase the chances from of IVF, GIFT and IUI where the success rate is low. inCleanse aim to increase the chances of conception.for those older couples including women over 40 years, especially to help prevent Down’s syndrome.

How The Pre Conceptional Plan Can Help With Fertility?

If you have already asked your doctor for help with your fertility problems, you may have been advised to limit alcohol intake, stop smoking, eat a healthy diet and avoid stress. This is sound advice, but there is so much more that couples can do. There is a huge amount of research on the link between nutrition and the impact on fertility.

Infertility is a multifaceted problem. This means that when treating it we need to look at a variety of issues such as our emotional health, our life style, the food we eat, the alcohol we drink, our smoking habits, as well as environmental hazards that we are exposed to, including toxic metal pollution, pesticides and food additives. All of these factors do affect our capacity to conceive! inCleanse have practitioners that are part of the Foresight Association who have pioneered a holistic approach to fertility. Looking at all these factors that are necessary for our reproductive system to function well.

What Is The Foresight Plan?

The Foresight programme addresses the following six areas of health:

  1. Nutrition
    It is essential that both prospective parents eat an excellent diet for at least four months before conception. Couples are advised to buy organic foods whenever possible. We advise filtering the drinking water to avoid toxic metals, agrochemicals and excess chlorine and oestrogen’s.
  2. Alcohol, Tobacco and Street Drugs
    Both partners are fully informed of the dangers of smoking, alcohol and street drugs to the health and development of the sperm and ova, and to the future foetus. Both partners are advised to abstain for at least four months prior to conception.
  3. The Oral Contraceptive Pill, and other exogenous hormones
    Where the woman has been using the contraceptive pill or the copper IUD, the effects on nutritional status are explained. Mineral levels are tested and corrected. (The pill lowers zinc, manganese, vitamin A and the B-complex vitamins.)
    Natural Family Planning by fertility awareness, with the use of barriers in the fertile phase, is suggested as the method of choice.
  4. Genito-Urinary Infections:-
    1. Gonorrhoea
    2. B.Strep
    3. Chlamydia
    4. Heam.Strep
    5. Enterococcus
    6. Klebsiella Anaerobic bacteria
    7. Staph. Aureas.
    8. Heam. Influenza
    9. Mycoplasmas
    10. E.coli.
    11. Gardnerella
    12. Candida
    13. Ureaplasmas
    14. Strep Millerii
    15. Herpes
    16. Toxoplasmosis
      Rubella immunityMany of them may be present (with or without symptoms) in couples who are in a stable, long-term relationship with no history of extra-marital or extra-partnership affairs.In a recent survey of both partners in a London clinic, 69% were found to have at least one of the conditions listed above. In another survey 81% of the women were found to have one or more conditions.These can often be a symptomless infection that will only be activated by the hormonal stimulation of pregnancy.Untreated, the conditions can lead to infertility, a series of miscarriages, or to premature and sickly babies. Chlamydia in particular can lead to eye conditions and pneumonia, which can result in permanent damage to the retina or lungs. American studies have linked it to otitis media and gastro-enteritis.The UK government is considering introducing a screening programme for Chlamydia Trachomatis, as a means of combating the disease.
  5. Sub-Optimum Mineral Levels
  6. High levels of Toxic Metals and Trace Elements
    inCleanse provides laboratory tests for hair analyses to establish the presence of excess heavy (toxic) metals or the shortage of essential trace minerals.
    Where essential trace elements are shown to be below the optimum for healthy foetal development we give a programme of supplementation for a stated period, then retest. Similarly, where the toxic metals are above the threshold level for safety for foetal development, we advise clients to follow a a cleansing programme . The supplement / cleansing programme is adjusted and repeated until levels compatible with a healthy pregnancy are achieved. This usually takes 4 – 6 months.
    Following the full programme, the pregnancy can be started with a normal, strong sperm and ova, the embryo can implant in a healthy uterus and can develop in optimum conditions. There will be no danger from nutritional deficiency, or damage from heavy metals or other toxins or viral and / or bacterial disease.
    Foresight has found that under these conditions it is possible to have uncomplicated pregnancies resulting in strong, healthy and perfectly formed babies.
    More information about the programme outlined above can be given by contacting inCleanse to book a consultation with our Foresight practitioner
  7. Allergy and Parasites
    This may include asthma, eczema, migraine, insomnia, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, coeliac disease or parasitic infestations such as giardia lamblia. With dietary manipulation or antibiotic treatments before conception, a lot of medication that is contraindicated in pregnancy many be avoided. Where parasites are eliminated the absorption of essential nutrients will be much improved. Where the history reveals a chronic problem likely to be incompatible with a healthy pregnancy, specialist help is sought. inCleanse offer allergy testing
  8. Electromagnetic Pollution / Geopathic Stress

What To Expect With Your Foresight Practitioner?


The Pre conceptual programme is a personalized service which is individually tailored and thoroughly researched. It treats the whole person by experienced caring and knowledgeable practitioners .

The Foresight Practitioner at inCleanse is Nurse Practitioner “Kirsty McEnroe” she will take a detailed history of any medical conditions for both you and you partner, she will discuss your lifestyle and your normal dietary intake. During the first consultation you will be asked questions about your lifestyle, your physical lifestyle as well as emotions and feelings.

Most environmental hazards, including alcohol and smoking, are at their most dangerous at the earliest stages of pregnancy, when cell division is highest. So these substances need to be avoided before conception ie: when the woman chooses to be pregnant, not when she discovers she is. Also their effects on ovulation and spermatogenesis are well documented so again pre-conception care is vital.

On the basis of this information screening and testing will be advised. Recommendation for holistic treatment will also be advised depending on individual needs. These include:

In addition, at inclinic we endeavour to work with patients who choose to combine our services with western medical techniques such as IVF in order to achieve the best fertility treatment

Who Are Foresight?

Foresight was established in 1978 and is a charitable organisation . It is main focus to help couples conceive a baby by promoting the importance of nutrition and health for both parents before they plan to conceive.

Foresight, together with its medical committee, has worked for over 15 years to put together a thoroughly researched scientific preconception programme for doctors /nurses to implement easily and practically to help their clients achieve and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

The foresight plan uses a preconception programme which focuses and addresses areas of concern for the parents to be. Promoting optimum health before conception means that the ova and sperm will be healthier and stronger , enabling them to develop to embryo and implant successfully to the uterus. It is important that the uterus is healthy and free from nutritional deficiencies, toxins or disease.

Foresight has researched the important work on nutrition, alcohol, smoking, lead and other toxic metals, pesticides, food additives, G.U. infections, allergies, infestation and other hazards and their impact and effect on preconception and pregnancy.

Even when couples have had difficulties with miscarriage, still birth, birth defects, unexplained infertility, post natal depression, health problems with the child and any problems during pregnancy and birth. The foresight Programme can help prevent these conditions.

Many couples that have problems conceiving but are generally healthy, wonder why they cant conceive but sadly due to the way we live, lifestyles, the pollution, over processed foods and packaged foods are all things that can affect the ability to conceive and not conducive to healthy living. There may be mild cases but our reproductive system is one of the first things to be affected.

The Work Of Foresight

A study carried out by the charity Foresight on several hundred would-be parents with a history of miscarriage and infertility found that, after following a holistic natural fertility programme for a number of months, 81% of those taking part went on to conceive healthy babies.

The Pre-conceptional plan is now 20 years old and gives over 80% success rates.

As part of pre conceptual care, inCleanse believes that the above conditions are often preventable by improving nutrition by following the diet along the foresight guidelines. Combating pollution and being aware of electromagnetic effects is important when preparing for pregnancy.

  • Therapists will also advise couples on the foresight plan to avoid smoking, alcohol and recreational/street drugs. If indicated by health problems, seeking help with allergies and or intestinal parasites, candida or malabsorption of nutrients will be discussed . Foresight practitioners will also advise clients to check out genito-urinary and other possible infections such as candida. Genito urinary infections has been found to have been directly responsible or ectopic pregnancy, prematurity, perinatal mortality and spontaneous abortion. In addition chlamydia trachmatis infection is directly implicated as one of the most common causes of infertility.

inCleanse brings together nutrition, colonic hydrotherapy, lifestyle changes and acupuncture. The association between acupuncture and fertility is widely known. Acupuncture is holistic, safe and drug free with solid links and acceptance within the western medial framework. and there is also research linking nutrition and fertility.

Our practitioners, are experienced in the field of natural fertility, combining their skills to provide a unique programme to maximize your chances of conception.

Results Of The Foresight Programme

Research by the University of Surrey on the Foresight Programme followed the progress of 367 couples. The women ranged in age from 22-45 years, the men from 25-59 years. By the end of the study 89% of the couples had given birth. The average gestational age was 38.5 weeks. 42% of the babies were males whose average eight was 7lb 4.5 oz (3299g) and 58% were females whose average weight was 7lb 2oz (2368g). There were no miscarriages, perinatal deaths or malformations. No baby was admitted to Special Care.

Upon coming to Foresight 41% of couples had had no previous adverse reproduction history, but among these were the older couples. 37% had a history of infertility, 38% had a history of previous miscarriage, 11% had had a therapeutic abortion, 3% had suffered a stillbirth, 15% had had small for dates babies or low birth weight babies and 2% had had babies with a malformation. 70% of the mothers were primigravida; 30% multigravida having 1-3 children.

60% of the women drank alcohol, and 57% of them smoked. 90% of the men drank alcohol and 45% of them smoked. Approximately 2% admitted smoking cannabis mostly in the past.
Of the couples coming to foresight with no history, 96% had given birth by the end of the study.

The following problem groups had also given birth by the end of the study with these percentages:

  • Past Infertility:- 81%
  • Past Miscarriage:- 83%
  • Past Therapeutic Termination:- 73%
  • Past Stillbirth:- 80%
  • Past Small-for-dates or Malformation:- 100%
  • No problems with any Foresight pregnancy.


Letter, first printed in the Foresight Autumn 1999 newsletter:

Through the Foresight programme I discovered that the reason I was constantly unwell was due to a number of undiagnosed allergies. I have had perennial rhinitis (inflammation of the mucus membranes of the nose) for years and was told I would be on drugs for it for life. That has totally gone now and I’m really well for the first time I can remember. This was an additional benefit over and above the most beautiful baby boy we have who is now 6 months old.
[January, 1998]

Letter, first published January 1998:

In March 1997, my husband and I decided to start thinking about having a family. I had no particular reason to believe that I would not have a healthy baby, however, I knew my diet had at one time been very poor and consequently I had a vague feeling that my health was not as good at it could be. Also, I myself had some problems at birth, being born with talipes on both feet. I am the sort of person who prefers to take some sort of positive action, other than just keeping my fingers crossed, so I started to read up about preparing for pregnancy, and in particular, pre-natal diet and nutrition.

I found the information given in the popular baby books very brief and only concerned with diet and care during pregnancy. I could see that it was important to look after oneself during pregnancy. but I felt that there must be things I could do before even conceiving. By chance through my local library, I came across one of the Foresight books: ‘Preparing for Pregnancy’. I really liked the factual way the information was presented, and thoroughly agreed with the holistic approach recommended by Foresight. Working in a medical school with access to their library, I was also able to read some of the relevant journal articles which backed it up. The Foresight approach made a great deal of sense to me. My husband was a little sceptical at first. but he agreed that we had nothing to lose so we decided to give it a go.

We both had our hair tested and found ourselves deficient in several important minerals, particularly Zinc and Selenium (both essential in reproduction), and considerably higher than recommended in the toxic metals Lead and Aluminum. We did our best to follow the nutritional advice (ie: eating wholefoods, buying organic food cutting out alcohol, canned drinks, etc) and took our recommended course of vitamins and mineral supplements. We had our hair tested again after four months and although we both felt my better in ourselves, I was disappointed to find that our mineral levels were still not right, although they had gone up a bit, but my Zinc level had hardly gone up at all.

About that time I went on a Foresight study day in London and I realised that, in spite of already having read all the books, I had been a bit selective about which bits of the nutritional advice I was following, for example I was still eating a fair amount of chocolate and sweet cakes and biscuits. Also I realised I was looking at the Foresight approach as a ‘quick fix’ after which I could return to my previous bad habits, when really it needs to be a complete and permanent lifestyle change. Two things a nutritionist said in her talk that really hit home, were how bad refined sugar products are because the body requires other beneficial minerals to process it, and taking the vitamin and mineral supplements to boost body mineral levels only works if a whole food diet with no processed food is followed, ie: taking supplements on their own is no good and has little effect. After this I really tried hard to eat only home-cooked food from basic ingredients and to not eat chocolate and sweet things, only allowed myself one cake per week during our Friday afternoon tea break at work.

After about eight months on the programme we had both noticed a considerable improvement in our general health and well-being. I found myself much happier in myself, I did not experience the violent mood swings I used to and that winter I did not experience my normal seasonal depression in January. I also noticed a reduction in the severity and duration of my PMS symptoms, I did not seem to feel the cold so much and my sense of smell was more acute. Not long after that we stopped using contraception (condoms) and in June, 1998 after about five months of trying, I discovered that I was pregnant.
I had a very healthy, pregnancy and gave birth to a very happy, healthy 91b 1oz baby boy in February, 1999, eight days after my due date. I strongly believe that our son’s good health is due both to us following the Foresight approach and also to his birth, which was a very tranquil and calm, intervention-free water-birth at home. I recovered well after the birth had no problems breastfeeding the baby.
Even aside from the pregnancy aspects, there have been other advantages to the changes we made to our lifestyle on the advice of Foresight. Looking at our diet helped us to understand our nutritional requirements, including when and what we need to eat. With the help of a professional nutritionist. we realised that, apart from eating the wrong sort of foods. both of us had been allowing our blood sugar levels to see-saw up and down uncontrollably, through not eating at the right times and consequently we often used to feel unwell or irritable. Over the last year or two, for my own interest I have read a lot about diet and nutrition and have learned a great deal which has helped me to understand where the Foresight advice is coming from. From learning about Natural Family Planning I became very familiar with my monthly cycle and was able to use this knowledge when trying to conceive. Even before I was pregnant. I found that having followed the supplement programme and improving our diet I felt better and healthier than I had for a long time.

We both agree that is was worth the wait and the effort and my only real regret is that I did not learn enough to make these lifestyle changes years ago, but there is also the possibility that even, had I known, without the incentive of having the much longed-for baby to work towards, it is unlikely I would have been able to really make the effort, because lets face it, it was, initially, at least, a huge effort. It took several months to change my diet particularly, so I am glad we did this before attempting to conceive. If we had waited until I was pregnant before finding out about things like diet. the baby would probably have been about to be born before I was eating the right food! Also because I felt I had done everything I possibly could, I was convinced that everything would be fine, including the birth, so I did not experience any worry at all during my pregnancy and looked forward to giving birth.

[July, 1999]
Letter, first printed in Foresight Spring 2003 Newsletter:

Dear Foresight … Briefly: I have had unexplained infertility for approximately 4 years. I started to read about infertility and the name “Foresight” started to crop up. I wasn’t quite sure what you were but decided to cut out all refined sugar, cake, aspartame, chocolate and caffeine. Before we had a chance to blink, we were on an IVF programme which was TERRIBLE, but we were determined to try anything to have our longed for baby. Anyway, some 3 years later, 2 failed IVF cycles, and one tragic miscarriage after conceiving naturally, I at long last followed the advice given by Foresight and had hair analysis and embarked on the full supplement programme. I had already changed our diet, filtered our water and tried our best to buy organic. Anyway, we now have two wonderful baby boys, conceived naturally! We couldn’t be happier.
I do think it was down to Foresight and all their advice. Your programme makes perfect sense. It is simple common sense! Now, when I see people giving their children bright green drinks, coca cola, red and blue sweets, etc, etc, it seems crazy!! (I’m an infant teacher).
I have told everyone I can think of about Foresight and what you have done. I even showed my midwife my cupboard full of Foresight supplements (I think she thought I was mad!). But anyone who has suffered the prospect of childlessness would understand.
Our babies are beautiful and very healthy. They are not identical although everyone I meet keeps telling me they are!
I am determined to carry on with our healthy diet, we drink Red Bush tea, filter our water and buy organic. I take three Foresight multi-minerals and two multi-vitamins every morning. I wasn’t sure if I should be taking anything else?
Anyway, a huge THANK YOU to you all. You have made our dream come true.

Consultation £50 Per Couple – (This price does not include any tests or treatments)

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