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An intense pulse light is used. Safe, effective and suitable on all skin types, high energy, fast performance and anti cooling for a pain free treatment.

Laser Hair Removal RoomTechnology

Laser Hair Removal – inCleanse uses the most advanced technology on the market today, an Intense Pulsed Light. InteliBrite One is used for hair reduction and removal using this specialised computer controlled Xenon Light tube. The wavelength, exposure, duration and energy are specifically selected for your skin type and hair growth. The IPL damages the the hair follicle to stop hair growth without damaging the skin.


At the consultation you will be given all the information about the Technology we use at inCleanse to remove the unwanted hair. The Nurse will go through a questionnaire with you to work out what skin type you are and then a treatment plan can be arranged. The consultation allows you to show the therapist the area that you want treated and a patch test will be carried out in that area. If no side effects have occurred after 72 hours of the treatment the appointment date can be made For you to start your course of treatment. This appointment also gives you the opportunity to speak to our experts and ask any questions that you may have about hair removal.IPL PHOTO

Questions And Answers About IPL

  1. What is Intense Pulse Light?
    This incredible new therapy is based on emitting high intensity pulses of light to penetrate the skin to perform such treatments as Hair Removal, and Photo rejuvenation.
  2. How does IPL remove hair?
    The Intense Light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the Melanin in the hair. This absorption treats the hair, with the heat being transported to the nourishment structure of the hair (follicle). This is heated to 70oC for a millisecond thus destroying the follicle. Hundreds of follicles are destroyed by each flash, and the hairs then fall our in 1-2 weeks.
  3. Can all types of hair be treated?
    The darker the hair (the richer the melanin content), the better the result. White and red hairs cannot be removed using this method.
  4. Is IPL treatment painful?
    The sensation of pain is extremely variable from one individual to another. It depends on the concentration of Melanin in the skin, hair size and hair density. This is why the darker the skin, the greater the sensation. It should be noted that a sensation of prickling may persist for 1-2 weeks after a session.
  5. Are there any secondary effects?
    In certain cases there may be redness in the treated area, local oedema or peri-follicular papillae (goose bumps). These effects will disappear several hours after the treatment, however in the majority of cases; there are no visible secondary effects.
  6. How do we know if sufficient treatment has been given?
    Hair Removal: In the majority of cases, there is no immediate visible effect. It is possible, immediately after treatment to pull a hair using tweezers. If it can be removed without pulling on the skin, this is proof of a good result. Also if per-follicular papillae or redness appears around the hair follicle, this also indicated the treatment has been successful.
  7. How many sessions are necessary?
    Hair: It is estimated that around 20% of hairs are in their growth phase at any one time. Normally 6 sessions should be recommended, however this may alter. (21 days apart)


  • Current history of skin cancer, including:
    • Malignant melanoma
    • Recurrent non-melanoma skin cancer
    • Pre-cancerous lesions i.e.
    • Multiple dysplastic nevi
  • Any active infection
  • Metal plates and pins in area being treated
  • Photosensitive diseases i.e.
    • Herpes Simplex
    • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
    • Porphyria
  • Electrical Implants such as pacemaker
  • Use of Photosensitive medications or herbs (please see attached list)
  • Immunosuppressive diseases/medications i.e.
    • Aids
    • HIV
  • Patient History of hormonal or endocrine disorders i.e.
    • Polycystic ovary syndrome
    • Diabetes (unless under control)
  • History of bleeding, coagulopathies or use of anticoagulants
  • History of Keloid scarring
  • Exposure to sun or artificial tanning, including self tanning lotions
    • 3 -4 weeks prior to treatment
  • Pregnant or nursing patients
  • Epilepsy

Common Places For Hair Removal

  • Back Hair – Common area of removal of hair seen in men is the back. If you are a very hairy person this is a difficult area to shave and waxing becomes expensive. IPL permanent hair reduction treatments are becoming increasingly popular. Hair on the back can be easily treated with IPL.
  • Chest Hair – Over recent years hair removal for men has become increasingly popular as men are more aware of male grooming. Gone are the days of waxing every 4 weeks leaving the skin with rashes, sensitivity and sharp bristles when growing back. IPl hair reduction will leave the chest area smooth and soft to touch.
  • Neck Hair – An area popular in men and women is the neck area, jawline and beard. IPL is a perfect way of hair removal without the unsightly embarrassment of hair growth for both men and women. Back the of neck a popular area for men that don’t want to shave in between hair cuts and can look neat and tidy till the next visit at the hairdressers.
  • Leg Hair – Full legs up to the buttocks may be treated, including half leg for those ladies that don’t want the hassle of smooth free legs.
  • Underarm – The underarm, a popular area to be treated with IPL. Gone are the days of those embarrassing moments of unsightly underarm hair.
  • Bikini – Preparing for summer holidays or just going swimming, the bikini hair can be very sensitive to shaving and can cause in growing hairs. Permanent hair reduction is perfect for this area and you never need to worry what your plans are. At inCleanse we can treat the pubic area and groin to cover all aspects of unwanted bikini hair.
  • Asian – Laser hair removal  IPL can be used on Asian and dark skin. All Nurses at inCleanse are very experienced in treating Asian and black skin types using the latest technology for pain free hair removal.
  • Navel Hair – This area is common for both men and women and can be treated in six sessions of IPL for permanent hair reduction. Low cut jeans can be worn without the embarrassment of navel hair.

Bargain Laser Hair Removal Leeds. Who pays? You The Client!

Many voucher companies are offering hair removal at a massively discounted rate! NOT inCleanse. WHY? We offer the same deal to our clients. The voucher deals generally don’t offer clients with a full course of treatment and skin assessment. Offering four or five sessions when in actual fact hair reduction with IPL requires 6 sessions. At the end of the course they are required to have extra sessions to complete the course so are then expected to pay out more money at a very inflated price to complete their treatment. Generally clients are rushed, they don’t have a patch test and the treatments are not carried out by a Registered Nurse. inCleanse have seen the after affects of this with clients coming to us with burning and hyper pigmentation caused by under qualified practitioners. inCleanse hair removal is carried out by Senior nurses to whom carry out a full skin assessment and patch test prior to commencing any treatments.

How Much Does It Cost?

Laser hair removal is very affordable when you think about how much money you have spent over the years on waxing, threading, shaving cream and even bleaching.

Prices Start from £99 for six sessions

Prices depend on the area to be treated. inCleanse are unique in that we let you pay the cost of the treatment over each session to make it more affordable for you. Discounts packages and group packages available for multiple areas to be treated.

All the following prices are for a six sessions course and can be split into instalments.
 All following prices are per session
Zone 1  £45 per session
Happy trail
Zone 2 £75 per session
Neck anterior
Full face
Arms upper
Back upper
Arms lower
Bikini line
Legs lower
Legs upper
Zone 3 £120 per session
Full face and neck
Bikini and inner thoughs
Bikini extended
Arms full
Zone 4 £150 per session
Full back
Full legs

NOTE – A patch test and skin analysis is required before course commences and is carried out by a Registered Nurse at a charge of £25.

If there are other areas that are required for this treatment, then please contact the clinic for a free consultation in Leeds.


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