Diagnostic Tests


We offer a comprehensive laboratory service of Nutritional and biochemical testing. The tests cover a wide range of physiological areas including Digestive, Immune, Nutritional, Endocrine and metabolic function. Examples include Food allergy, Mineral deficiencies, Osteoporosis, Male and Female Hormone Levels.

These tests help our practitioners identify nutritional deficiencies on health and disease.

diagnostic testing

How Are The Tests Carried Out?

A variety of tests are offered which involve either a blood test, saliva, urine, breath test or hair analysis, depending on which test is required. The tests kits are either posted straight to you for you to carry the tests out at home or you are required to visit the Innercore Clinic for testing. Generally the tests requested will be posted out the same day, arriving with you the next day.

How Long Will It Take To Get The Results?

The turnaround is approximately 7 days, However some of the tests may take slightly longer, but no more than 14 days.

Where Will The Results Go To?

The results will only be sent to your practitioner, where the results will be discussed for interpretation and support. They will be sent to the practitioner who knows your medical history so that they will able to answer any questions. They will give you further guidance and advice providing information on treatment protocols depending on your specific needs.


Food Allergen Cellular Test £245

Food intolerance is difficult to detect, often involving common foods and can be an important factor in many acute and chronic conditions. Symptoms may range from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), muscle and joint aches, fatigue, weight problems, hyperactivity, skin irritations and anxiety. Around 170 different foods and food groups, including common additives, seasonings and beverages are covered in this direct cellular assay that can detect allergies caused by a number of different processes. This is a very accurate assessment of allergies and intolerances.

Sample requirement: Blood sample

IgE Food Panel £140
IgE Inhalant £140

These panels assess common food and inhalant allergies resulting from an IgE antibody reaction, that usually presents with an immediate onset of symptoms after exposure. Allergies can often run in families (atopy) and symptoms of allergic reactions can include hayfever, asthma, urticaria, swollen/itchy throat, tongue, lips and gums, watery/itchy, swollen eyes, rhinitis, colic, prophylaxis, eczema and rashes.

Sample requirement: Blood Sample

Comprehensive Food Allergy Profile £300

This profile consists of the full food allergen cellular test the IGE Panel and tissue transglutaminase (tTga) which has been proven to be highly specific in detecting Coeliacs Disease
Sample requirement: Blood sample

Female Hormone Profile £150

The monthly fluctuations in oestradiol and progesterone levels play a vital role in a woman’s menstrual cycle, and many common conditions or symptoms in a woman are because of imbalanced oestrogen or progesterone levels. Premenstrual tension, fluid retention, excessive bleeding, menstrual irregularity, low libido, endometriosis, ovarian cysts and infertility can result from imbalances in these hormones. In addition, imbalanced testosterone levels can produce a range of symptoms including acne,hirsuitism, loss of motivation and sex drive. This test is recommended for pre-menopausal women. Salivary testing of these three hormones, unlike serum testing, measures the free un-bound fraction of hormone that is actually available to exert its effect on the target tissue.

Sample requirement: 12 saliva samples taken over one cycle

Analytes measures Progesterone,Oetradiol, Testosterone, Progesterone/Oestradiol Ration

Comprehensive Female Hormone Profile £190

This comprehensive profile assesses the adrenocortical hormones cortisol and DHEA, as well as levels of the sex hormones progesterone, estrogen and testosterone. An inappropriate stress hormone is reported to have a negative impact on the female hormones. In addition, melatonin levels, an important modulator of annual and cicadian biorhythms, are also measured. This test is recommended for pre-menopausal women.

Test covered Adrenal Stress Index, melatonin and female hormone panel.

Sample requirement: 12 saliva samples over one menstrual cycle
4 saliva samples (collected 30 mins after waking,11am-noon,4-5pm and
11pm-midnight ).
Analytes Measured:Oestradiol, Progesterone, Oestradiol/progesterone Ratio, Testosterone, Cortisol, DHEA, Melatonin.

Women’s Hormonal Health Assessment £280

This test provides a focused overview of the female sex hormones and their equilibrium in both pre-and post-menopausal women. The womens Health Assessment uses a serum sample to evaluate dynamics of sex hormones metabolism that can profoundly affect a womens health throughout her lifetime.

Sample requirement :Blood sample

Analytes Measured: DHEA-, Oestradiol, Oestriol, Oestrone Sulphate, 2-Hydroxyoestrone, 16 Alph-Hydroxyoestrone, Progesterone, Sex hormone-binding globulin, Testosterone.

Menopause Profile £120

Although menopause is a normal part of a woman’s maturation, many women can experience discomfort both during and after menopause. In addition, the risk of developing osteoporosis increases along with risk of developing oestrogen sensitive cancers. This profile assesses progesterone/oestrogen levels, which allow for accurate assessment of hormonal status or can be used to monitor progesterone or oestrogen based treatments. This profile also measures levels of anti-pro-carcinogenic oestrogen metabolites. Which can help assess if there is an increased oestrogen-sensitive cancer risk. It also measures a bone collagen peptide, which serves a specific bone resorption.

Tests included Oestrogen Metabolism Assessment, 1-day progesterone/Oestrogen Test, Osteoporosis Risk Assessment, Testosterone.
Sample Requirement: 1 first morning sample of urine, 1 Saliva sample.

Comprehensive Menopause Profile £220

Although menopause is a normal part of woman’s maturation, many experience discomfort including hot flushes, night sweat, cold hands and feet, depression, loss of libido, irritation and vaginal dryness. The measurement of oestradiol and progesterone from a single saliva sample, can give valuable information about the balance of these hormones. This profile also evaluates adrenal cortex function and the cicadian fluctuation in these hormones, cortsiol and DHEA. An inappropriate adrenal response can negatively impact on many other health complaints, including the menopause. The other hormones that can influence menopausal symptoms are also measured, including testosterone and melatonin. Salivary testing of these hormones, unlike serum testing can help assess if there is an increased oestrogen-sensitive cancer risk.

Tests included Adrenal Stress Index, Melatonin Profile, testosterone, Oestrogen Metabolism Assessment, 1-day Progesterone Testosterone

Sample requirement : 4 x plain saliva sample and 1 first morning urine sample.

Male Hormone Profile £160

This profile reveals how the adrenocortical hormones, cortisol and DHEA, along with melatonin, a major neuroendocrine modulator of hormonal health, can influence testosterone levels. This profile allows for the detection of hormonal imbalance related to symptoms of male adropause, rapid aging, low vitality and sexual dysfunction. This profile allows for the detection of hormonal imbalance related to symptoms of male andropause, rapid aging, low vitality and sexual dysfunction.

Tests included Testosterone, Adrenal Stress Index, Melatonin

Sample requirement: 4 x plain saliva samples

Comprehensive Cardiovascular Risk Assessment £140

This unique assessment combines both traditional indicators of cardiovascular health, as well as metabolic markers to identify risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Together these markers provide a thorough assessment of cardiovascular health status, revealing the biochemical environment associated with inflammation, lipid deposits, clotting factor and other primary mechanisms underlying cardiovascular disease. Abnormal levels of these can often be corrected with nutritional supplements

Sample requirement; Blood sample

Detoxification Profile £140

These compounds: Caffeine, acetaminophen and aspirin are taken orally to challenge the livers Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification capacity. Saliva and urine samples are then analysed for metabolites of the three compounds to determine how efficiently the liver can convert and clear toxins from the body. This profile provides an insight into the body’s detoxification capacity and potential susceptibility to oxidative damage.

Sample Requirement: 2 x saliva sample, 1 x urine sample.

Comprehensive Stool Analysis £185

This test evaluates digestion, absorption , flora and the colonic environment and is indicated by GI problems. This test identifies dysfunction and provides direct measures to pinpoint diagnosis and treatment for people with disorders such as Irritable bowel syndrome and irritable bowel disease.

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (2.0) £230

This is the gold standard analysis which evaluates digestion, absorption,, gut flora, colonic environment, immunology, and
inflammation. This is a gold standard analysis. This non invasive analysis tests for digestive function assessment of colorectal cancer,
differential diagnosis of IBS ( Irritable bowel syndrome) and pancreatic function.

Sample requirement 4 x samples from 1 random stools

Candida Antibody Profile £70

Health problems can be caused by an overgrowth of candida. This test analyses the IgG immune response.
Sample 1 x plain saliva sample

Parasitology £100

This test looks for parasites and infectious pathogens

sample requirement 4 x ( taken from 3 bowel movements in 3 days)

Vaginosis £80

This test will identify causes of vaginosis. Recurrent infections may be caused by a foreign organism
This will be identify and treatment will be advised accordingly.

Hair Mineral Analysis £65

This analysis the level of essentials minerals our body needs. It also identifies toxic elements.
Sample requirement; 2 tablespoons of clean hair

Anaemia Profile £85

Anaemia results in a reduction in the number of red blood cells or the amount of haemoglobin in the blood.
This profile measures folate levels, serum, B12 and ferritin levels. These are the markers that will identify anemia.

Sample requirement 1x serum sample, 1 EDTA

Chronic Fatigue Screen £240

This screen consists of the metabolic profile and adrenal stress profile. Assessing these functions and can provide information for the practitioner to help assisting in the treatment of this complex condition.

Sample requirement 1 x first morning urine sample , 4 x plain saliva samples


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