Colonic Hydrotherapy

Booking An Appointment

  • You can contact the clinic and speak to one of our therapist to arrange a suitable time. We are open 7 days a week for colonic hydrotherapy sessions and we also offer late night appointments. Please allow 1.5 hours for your first appointment.
  • The therapist will take a full comprehensive diet, health and lifestyle assessment identifying any underlying problems.
  • The Nurse practitioner will explain the benefits of colonic hydrotherapy and what to expect from the session. You will then be given time to ask any questions. It is normal to feel nervous and anxious about the treatment. The therapists are very experienced and will make you feel comfortable and at ease with the procedure. They are there to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about the therapy. The benefits out way the short lived nervousness you initially have. All clients say to us after the treatment “I don’t know why I was so nervous“.
  • Clients will get changed in an en suite room where you will be given a towel. You will be expected to remove clothing from the waist down and wrap the towel round you like a robe.
  • Once on the treatment bench the therapist will massage the colon. This will help to eliminate any waste matter in the colon. Disposable equipment is used on every client. These come in a pack for each individual and are disposed of after use.
  • Firstly the therapist will ask you to lay on your left hand side on the treatment bench. The nurse will then perform what we call a “digital examination”, which means the therapist will have to perform a brief rectal examination. This is carried out to make sure that it is safe to carry out the colonic hydrotherapy session.
  • Following this the therapist will insert the rectal tube for the colonic hydrotherapy session. Your dignity will be maintained at all times. At inCleanse we use a closed colonic system so the waste goes down a pipe into a U bend, like it would when you go to the toilet normally. There is no odour, no mess and no embarrassment, dignity is maintained at all times. During the session your comfort, safety and well being are the most important thing to our therapists.
  • Water is introduced into rectal tube which is exactly at body temperature to help loosen any impacted faeces and will encourage the body’s own natural peristalsis (movement of stool down the colon). This also strengthens and retonifies the colon, so its a bit like taking your colon to the gym.
  • Initially, treatment will begin while you are laid on your left hand side for a short period of time, then you will lay on your back where you will rest for 30 mins. The colonic hydrotherapy session will take about 30-40 minutes, where filtered warm water will be introduced into the colon.
  • During the session the therapist will continue to use massage techniques to the assist in the release of waste matter.
  • During the session the therapist may use some reflexology techniques to enhance treatment in addition to the hydrotherapy.
  • To relax you will be able to listen to some ambient music or if you wish to bring your own cd of your favourite choice of music then this is fine.
  • After the treatment has been completed the client will then go and sit on the toilet (en suite) to eliminate any waste matter or water that is left in the colon. Meanwhile the therapist will be making you a nice cup of peppermint tea.

Herbs Used

Enema herbs are introduced into the colon via a enema bucket. These are used for clients that have problems with constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, parasitic infection. Clients can also have the benefit of having “Detox enema herbs” on their third colonic. These are Liver friendly herbs that give the liver a cleanse when introduced into to the colon via the enema bucket during the colonic hydrotherapy session.

After The Appointment

All clients will receive feedback on the outcome of the colonic session and the conclusion from the consultation. This will include any diet and lifestyle changes that need to be made depending on the outcome. By implementing these changes and on going support from our therapist we can aim to reduce or eliminate symptoms and aim for optimum health.

Following the colonic session we would advise you to eat a healthy balanced diet. You may not have your bowels opened for a few days. This is normal. You may pass more urine than normal as water is introduced into the colon during the session some of which is absorbed by the colon and will be passed through the kidneys.

You are likely to feel cooler than normal, just make sure you wrap up warm It is likely that you will feel tired after your first session. Please rest the day of your colonic. After all “detoxing” is exhausting! Sometimes you can experience headaches flu like symptom. This is called “healing crises”.. again this is normal.

Don’t eat anything too stodgy on the day after your colonic session. So no pasta or white bread! Protein and vegetables only. Something like soup would be fine Nothing too spicy and No alcohol.

After your colonic we would always suggest that you take a good Probiotic every day for 3 months (Friendly bacteria). This is to replenish the good bacteria in your gut. We suggest using a company called Nutri. You can contact them by phoning 0800 212 742 ask for Probiotic Plus and Quote 3049509 After this we would suggest you take the Probiotics if you are feeling bloated or have bowel irregularity, you have been on a course of antibiotics, you have been on holiday or are going on holiday. Also take if you have had a stomach bug, suffering from thrush or athletes foot, or if your Immune system just needs a general boost.

How Many Colonics Will I Need?

If you are new to colonic hydrotherapy, we at inCleanse would advise a course of three colonics. It takes a minimum of 3 sessions to clean the colon from waste material. This is best taken over a maximum of three months.

Colonic Detox Course £195

Includes consultation, first colonic session and two further colonics. Evaluation at each colonic session and two months supply of Probiotics “good bacteria”, and a litre bottle of Aloe Vera gel drink. It also includes colon and liver cleansing herbs which are introduced into the colon during the third colonic session to support the detox process. This detox programme can be paid in instalments and needs to be taken under a 3 month period for an effective colonic cleanse. After that we would advise what we call “Maintenance colonics”. To keep the colon free from toxic waste, every 3 months (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter).

  • Breast feeding Mums we would advise monthly colonics.
  • Couples trying to conceive we would advise monthly colonics for both partners. Once the female has become pregnant we would advise her not to have colonics after 12 weeks pregnancy, then she can revisit in her third trimester and continue right through breastfeeding as this has great benefit for the baby as eliminates toxins therefore making the mothers milk more nourishing.

So why not contact inCleanse and start experiencing the benefits of colon cleansing!