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by Dawn on incleanse.co.uk

II have been seeing kirsty for around 7 or 8 years now for colonics every three months. I would highly recommend her if any body wishes to have one

by Michelle on incleanse.co.uk
Highly recommend

An true professional who puts the client fully at ease and ensures every visit is dedicated to the client.

I cannot recommend Kirsty enough

by Kathryn Scarr on incleanse.co.uk
Dr Murad facial

I decided to treat myself to a facial before my sisters wedding and I wasn't disappointed. The whole experience was very relaxing and Kirsty was very professional. She told me about the products but also gave me time to relax and enjoy the treatment. My skin felt much plumper afterwards and I will definitely be having another one.

by Julie Thornton on incleanse.co.uk

I've had microderm for a number of years but struggled to find someone local who I could trust and who didn't charge the earth! This treatment is excellent for evening out skin tone, acne scaring and pore reduction. What a difference this has made to my face and my confidence. Would recommend Kirsty any day

by Charlotte on incleanse.co.uk

Thank your Kirsty for my colonic hydrotherapy appointment. I have been twice this year for tips and advice on the health of my colon! I come away feeling great and a few days later notice a huge improvement in my skin and hair too. There is no embarrassment to be had at the appointment as Kirsty is really friendly, chatty and makes you feel totally at ease. I would definitely recommend colonic therapy once in a while to cleanse your toxins!

by Anna, Leeds on incleanse.co.uk
I would not be without this treatment

I have been coming to see Kirsty for a couple of years now for colonic hydrotherapy treatment following issues with my gall bladder and bowels. I cannot express enough how essential this treatment is for relieving a plethora of troublesome and distressing symptoms of which many people, both men and women, suffer from. I have found colonic hydrotherapy the only treatment that works effectively, after being prescribed lots of medicines and advice from an array of doctors, this treatment has been a godsend. I have encouraged friends and my partner to come for treatment and they have also found it incredibly beneficial for their individual health complaints. Kirsty is a fantastic specialist in the subject and offers very personalised advice on diet, natural supplements and lifestyle choices to benefit people’s various ailments and I would not be without this treatment and will continue to come for hydrotherapy to relieve my symptoms.

by Young mum from Leeds on incleanse.co.uk
Thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you for your help, I came to for colonic hydrotherapy for many different health problems but after meeting Kirsty I finally feel like I can get my health and energy back. After the treatments you feel more positive and less sluggish I can not wait to see the results in a few months. The service was brilliant I felt at ease talking to Kirsty I will definitely be telling all my family and friends.

by Female, Harrogate (Booked a course of colonics) on incleanse.co.uk
I was completely reassured and was very impressed

Feeling very apprehensive and nervous I embarked on my first colonic last November. I was very confused about the good and bad bacteria in my gut and having had dietary problems was unsure this cleansing was the thing for me. I have to say that I was completely reassured and was very impressed at the professional way the whole procedure was carried out. My complete medical history was taken beforehand and I was given extremely helpful advice by a competent and knowledgeable therapist. This actually took the form of both verbal communication and then later information was sent to me by post with a detailed report of my particular case and things I could do to help myself. Undigested food was something which had previously caused gastric problems and having a colonic enabled some of this to be expelled and I was also prescribed enzymes to take to help the process. All in all I would recommend anyone to find out more about this procedure as it can be of great health benefit to many people who up to now 'put up' with unpleasant symptoms.

by Dannii - Leeds on incleanse.co.uk
Absolutely Fab!

I have been visiting Kirsty for nearly a year now. I originally visited Kirsty for a colonic for a number of reasons and she is absolutely fab!

My dad died of bowel cancer and looking after myself in that area became important and colonics go a long way to keeping my bowel healthy.

Following my initial appointment, I regularly visit every 3 months.

The whole experience is relaxing as Kirsty is so friendly and professional at the same time and her room is so relaxing and smells lovely!

I have now introduced Aloe Vera gel into my daily routine as recommended by Kirsty and I really notice a difference.

After each session, my hair and nails grow really quickly and my skin is great, I feel refreshed and a lot lighter!

I now recognise which foods are good and bad for my gut and how changes in my lifestyle can have an effect too, thanks to the personalised advice given.

However, it doesn't end there, each session, Kirsty is always helpful and on hand to answer any questions and offer advice, however, random they are 🙂

I will continue to have colonics as I really notice a difference and feel sluggish if I eat the wrong things and feel fab after my colonic.

I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone.

If you are anxious or worried about this type of treatment, don't be!!... I know I am in good hands when I visit the clinic as Kirsty is a great medical professional with vast knowledge about the treatment and not just a beauty therapist! Which is very reassuring...I wouldn't have my treatment anywhere else 🙂

Thanks Kirsty, your a star!

by Claire - Stanningley on incleanse.co.uk
The service here is by far the best

I have visited the clinic on a number of occasions for various different treatments including microderm’s and colonics. Everyone that works there are always really friendly and you get a really nice feel about the place. Each time I have undergone treatments I have had a full consultation with an excellent explanation as to how the treatment will be carried out etc….throughout each treatment I have been talked through whats happening and why. After the treatment you are given all the aftercare advice you should need and are never made to feel that you are rushed in and out! I have undergone similar treatments at other clinics in Leeds and the service here is by far the best. I would have no hesitation in recommending this clinic to anyone.

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