How does Hirsutism, an abnormal hair growth affect women?

The abnormal growth of facial hair due to an imbalance of hormones. This condition affects from 5-10% of women and is more common in women that have polycystic ovaries, African women and less common in Asian women. This is very distressing for women as this condition is physically obvious and is very painful to get rid of through shaving, waxing and threading.

This abnormal hair growth can appear in areas such as face, neck, back and toes and as previously mentioned is generally due to medical conditions. It also has environmental factors such as lifestyle and diet.

An imbalance of hormone such as androgens a male hormone causes this unusual hair growth and an over sensitivity of the follicle. It can also be hereditary and passed on through female. Other symptoms that hirsutism causes are acne, Irregular periods,deepening voice, a reduction on breast size and increased muscle mass.

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