What Is It?

Colitis is a disorder of the large intestine, (bowel) or colon. It is not common and can range from mild to severe symptoms caused by inflammation, often ulceration or infection of the colon wall. May be known as ulcerative colitis.

What Are The Symptoms?

Symptoms of colitis are lower stomach pain, urgency to go to the toilet for a bowel movement, bloody diarrhoea and weight loss. These symptoms can lead to anaemia, dehydration and if severe can cause fevers and feeling quite unwell.

What Causes Colitis?

This is unclear however family history or ethnicity are thought to be factors. It is possible that the immune system may play a part in that it fails to recognise the good healthy bacteria in the gut as helpful, and reacts to remove it.

How Can The Symptoms Be Improved?

Many colitis sufferers can have good control of their symptoms with anti inflammatory medications, steroids and / or immunosuppressant medication. In severe cases it may be necessary to remove the affected part of the colon.

  • Look at your stress levels, take up activities relating to relaxation and exercise
  • Eat a healthy well balanced diet
  • Avoid gut stimulants of all kinds – smoking, coffee, spicy foods
  • Consider sensitivity to certain foods which may be causing the gut to react
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Reduce or cut out alcohol intake
  • Meadowsweet or slippery elm tea may help as they calm inflammation
  • Improve your digestion eating regular, well balanced meals not too large and avoid fluids at mealtimes. Chew your food well, and reduce overall intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates.

Avoid constipation at times when the symptoms are not severe to reduce the chances of irritation – drink plenty of fluids, exercise and make time to go to the toilet, don’t avoid the urge to open bowels. Gently gradually introduce fibre (be careful with the “rough” kind like bran)

How Can inCleanse Help?

inCleanse can give individual dietary and lifestyle advice with the aim of improving not just colon health, but overall health and wellbeing.
Treatments to help you relax and manage stress levels could be very helpful to control symptoms.
If due to this condition or your medications your skin is suffering, inCleanse has many options available by contacting our advanced skincare practitioner Lindsey.

Treatment Offered To Help