Bad Breath

Can be a symptom with constipation or of poor digestion.

Other Causes

  • Dental problems or gum disease
  • Strong flavoured foods e.g. garlic
  • Infection or illnesses
  • Some medications
  • Smoking or a large alcohol intake

What Can Be Done To Prevent Bad Breath?

  1. Regular brushing of teeth and care of the gums twice daily
  2. Floss between teeth and brush tongue
  3. Mouthwash

Some Advice Which Can Help Reduce Constipation And Improve Digestion

  • Drink plenty of water at least 8 glasses a day
  • Eat healthy balanced meals regularly
  • Increase fibre intake particularly wholegrains, vegetables and fruit
  • Increase exercise
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Chew food well
  • Reduce alcohol intake
  • Stop smoking

How Can inCleanse Help?

A healthy well functioning colon can reduce constipation and improve digestion.
Colonic hydrotherapy (colonic irrigation) may be effective in this. The muscular layer of the colon needs to push contents along, have effective action and good tone, to prevent constipation / hard pieces of constipated stool (poo) becoming lodged. The longer waste spends in the colon, the more bacteria will multiply, creating excess wind and toxins. inCleanse can give individual dietary and lifestyle advice with the aim of improving not just colon health, but overall health and wellbeing.

Treatments Offered