According to the Food Allergy Campaign allergies affect between 1-3 people in the United Kingdom and this is increasing every year with more children suffering. The reason for this is unknown. Some say that it is due to pollution and others believe that it is linked to a germ free cleaner environment.

Food intolerances are very common. The foods that affect this allergic response are called allergens. These allergens cause the immune response and the body produces anti bodies to attack the allergen. The body remembers this allergen and the next time that it becomes in contact with this allergen it again has an immune responses and releases chemicals resulting in symptoms such as eczema, asthma, sneezing, coughing and skin rashes. The most common food allergies are peanuts and lactose and wheat others include products such as soy, spices, shellfish, fruits and synthetic, natural colours and chemical additives.

How Can inCleanse Help?

Why the Ige on not others that are on the market

Allergy testing by the IGe method is the only recognoised accurate test as advised by Allergy UK.  The Ige test works on the immune response in the body making antibodies  to ” fight off ” off a food.  It is very hard sometimes to pin point a food allergen as the symptoms can react hours after eating. In 2010 The national institute of health set guidelines for diagnosis and managment of food allergens as this was the recognised test.  Qualified clinicians in this field would always carry a medical history prior to testing the client as there are many other symptoms and reason why clients may feel they have a sensitivity.

Other non-conventional methods may advise unnessary food elimination  which may lead to long term health problems. These test can be misleading  and misdiagnosing with the advise on going on long term supplemetation which can be expensive and cause other health issues.

At incleanse the experienced clinician will discuss in detail and may advise the client to do a food diary prior to testing.   Other reasons for this may be that they are linked to

  • lack of digestive enzymes
  • toxicity
  • Eating foods high in histamine
  • Salicytes

At incleanse we will never advise food elimination without the expertise of Genova diagnostics and the after care advise following a food intolerance test.  We use there “Gold standard ” way of testing.



  • Chew food link to chew food
  • Learn to manage Rotate foods every three days
  • Avoid tea, coffee, and alcohol which all dehydrate the body
  • Avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates and processed foods.

For more information about why this method MUST be chosen over other co called ” testing ”  can be explained more in detail by Dr Adrian Morris Allergy expert London Clinic