Top ten reason to drink Aloe Vera

Top ten reason to drink Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera also know as the “Medicine plant”

Aloe vera has many healthy ingredients  including 19 of the 20 amino acids needed by our body and 7 of the 8 essential enzymes that our body makes.


  1. Has a beneficial action on bowel function, encouraging efficient transit
  2. Helps absorbs nutrients more efficiently
  3. Balances immune system
  4. Aloe gel provides nutrition to feed the cells
  5. Increases activity of fibroblasts
  6. helps soothe muscles and maintain healthy joints
  7. Its a natural balancer, by regulating the bacteria in the gut
  8. Good source of minerals
  9. Essential vitamins such as B12, C , E and folic acid
  10. Has 19 of the 20 amino acids that is needed by the body


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