Let’s Focus On Fertility

Let’s Focus On Fertility

Lots of women talk about Fertility, but do we really know what it means?

Many women in the uk probably don’t even know they are most fertile, but now inCleanse are here to give the information and advice you need. Whether it be because you are trying to conceive or you are wanting to prevent/delay a pregnancy and don’t want to to be the contraceptive.

Some women are fairly in touch with their bodies and can tell with changes in their body when they are ovulating. Symptom such as pain or discomfort in the the breasts, a change in mood or even the change in vaginal discharge that they pass. These are all a good indicator in telling the women she is ready to conceive.

There are many devices/ways that women can work out when they are ovulating. Modern society brings us that that we can now even link our symptoms to our smart phone.. These are very well and good, but women need to be in touch with their own bodies and general mechanics. We are often told that women have a 28 day cycle, well this is actually incorrect women can have a short cycle of about 28 days and can even go onto up to 50 day cycle. We are all individuals and all have different rhythms..

The main changes in our body that we need to look out for when focus on fertility are. The core body temperature, the positioning of the cervix and the quality of the vaginal discharge.. These are very clear indicators at what stage you are in your cycle and whether you are fertile or not.

So Lets Chart!

Day 1 is classed as the first day of your period. This does not include the dark brown discharge that comes. Day 1 is when a bright red bleed is released. This is called the follicle stage where a few of your eggs will start to mature ready for release of the best individual egg. This is called ovulation

Day 8 

Changes in your body start to occur one of which will be your labido and this will start to feel stronger.. The vaginal discharge will become thinner and alkaline a very good state for the sperm to be welcomed. To test the consistency of the discharge insert your two fingers into your vagina when you look at the discharge if you move the two fingers away from each other the discharge will be sticky and clear and stretchy; like the appearance of an “ Egg white” You now know this is your fertile time.

Day 14

This is an estimate and this is called the ovulation stage or Luteal Phase, but can occur 2day either side of 14 days. Just before ovulation there will be a spike in the woman’s temperature which is a great indicator of ovulation. The hormones are been released here which stimulate the ovaries, releasing the mature. At the stage the hormones now change and progesterone is released so that the body can get ready to maintain and protect pregnancy. Thickening of the womb will occur this is called the endometrium where the egg will embed. At this point the mucus change to prevent future sperm from entering.

Pre conceptual Care

It is important that before we conceive we get our bodies ready for a healthy pregnancy and baby. The first thing that you might want to consider is a detox programme, to eliminate all the toxins in the body which will make your reproductive and hormonal system ready. This goes for both men and women!

A body overloaded with toxins will not function as a healthy one. We suggest you start preparing for your pregnancy at least 3-12 months and sometimes even longer for those women with fertility problems or going through a form of IVF. The sooner you start preparing your body for pregnancy the better.

Initial suggestion is a detox programme for both parents to be:

  • inCleanse offer detox packages for both men and women.

Individual programmes such as “the Foresight programme” can be designed to suit clients needs. Nutritional deficiencies and toxicities can affect conception and this programme is specifically designed to test for these.

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