Why your grandparents didn’t have food allergies? But you do

Why your grandparents didn’t have food allergies? But you do

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Did Grandma and Grandad have food allergies?


As far as i can remember all my grandparents ate a variety of foods. There seems to be a growing  amount of us suffering with food sensitivity/food allergies. So why was that we do and they didn’t , what was different then compared to now?



  • They ate as food grew! Many owning there own allotment and living off the land, sharing foods grown with much more nutrients than processed foods we eat today.  Breast was Best and its was free and always available.
  • Foods were eaten as it was available and were not overwhelmed with been slim and fad diets which mess with the metabolism. No need to calorie count and measuring. They ate food as there cravings appeared.
  • Home cooked food was a must using locally grown foods and very traditional and kept them healthy. A meal out was an extreme luxury
  • There were no such thing has modified food such as GMOS,MSG, thickeners,stabilizers. There was no need to inject food with hormones, additives, antibiotics to increase the shelf life of food which has a detriment to  health for food consumers today.
  • Nothing went to waste and the whole animal was used , whether made in soups gravies or broths. These foods had medicinal properties and would not be wasted.
  • Were more in tune with there body. Instead of rushing to the doctors with a cough or a cold they sat it out and let there own bodies healing process deal with  these more so than we do today. They believe medicine was food.
  • Outdoors all weathers. There was no such thing as iphone, computers televisions. Kids were outside , having adventures and making there own games with good old mother nature. Getting down and dirty and building up there own immunity rather then been stuck indoors isolated from germs.
  • So why is this linked to food allergies you ask?
  • Every cell in our body is affected by Nutrition Every cell need to be healthy to function well. Cells multiply to make tissue, to build muscle, to build organs. Nutrition is need to heal and if what we are putting in our body is rubbish then our body will suffer and we will more at risk of  food sensitivities / allergies


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