Eat Smart Eat Raw

Eat Smart Eat Raw

Raw foods

When we cook our food we loose a lot of the nutrients, Vit C  and all the B group because  vitamins are very heat sensitive  and are diminished by the process of cooking{ boiling, steaming and baking and enzymes are completely destroyed but neglected and are an important part in digestion.  All of these are essential to health and are required for every function in the body.  When we are born , we have a ” bank” of enzymes but are used up as we live.  We need to build up the reserve we use and we get these from foods we eat.  In warm countries raw food is eaten a lot more because of the climate and the foods are more easily accessible.

On a raw diet it is advised by David Wolfes sunfood triangle which suggest a balanced diet of leafy green veg, seeds, nuts and fats such as olives avocado also advised to include Bee pollen aloe vera and klamath Kale blue algae. Why? you ask. Well we are not living as our grandparents did and  we have increased pollution, more intensively  farmed crops where the soil is depleted and all these take tolls on our body living in these fast-paced stressed life’s we live.

These vitamins do a great job in boosting our immunity and increase energy levels. It is also advisable to drink plenty of water but its even better to drink it. As Dr Murad states ” Eat your water” and we get this from high water content foods.  Please remember to filter your water and avoid drinking with meals as this washes away the important digestive enzymes we need for digestion.

It is important to introduce raw foods gradually especially if you suffer from bloating, abdominal discomfort and flatulence as  the digestive system may be weak decades of a poor digestion form eating over cooked foods. It would also be advisable to consider a course of colonics to help restore the digestive action

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Some of my raw food meals

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