Natural Family Planning

What is it?

Natural Family planning is a, non -invasive approach to family planning. It is a natural way of avoiding pregnancy for those couples that don’t want to use contraception for health reasons or religious beliefs.  A great way of working how your body works those women that want to plan a pregnancy  .

It is a method that can be used at any age from puberty right way through reproductive years , including breast feeding and  pre -menopause.

How does it work?

NFP works by women monitoring there basal temperature, checking cervix mucus, monitoring length of cycles and looking at other indicators of fertility such as : breast changes, abdominal cramps, cervix changes (optional) , bloating and discomfort .

How effective is it?

The method has a good success rate for those wanting to avoid pregnancy. If used correctly the method is 98% accurate.  So thats <2 in 100 get fall pregnant in one year. Also it is very good for couples wanting to achieve pregnancy It is the best method for accurately identifying the fertile phase and  helps time intercourse in planning a pregnancy.

Why couples use NFP?

Couples use Natural family planning  for different reasons, whether they want to avoid a pregnancy.  The women then do not have to use other methods such as the contraceptive pill which plays havoc with the  female hormones.

Is it easy to learn?

When using this method you can accurately access your fertile and infertile phases and with this knowledge you can plan or avoid a pregnancy.

What are the advantages of using NFP?

First advantage is women do not  have to use contraception to invade their bodies of hormones. Makes women more aware of their fertility Women can plan to avoid or plan pregnancy with no health effects. free from drugs such as hormones and free from any devices.  Natural family planning is acceptable for all faiths, beliefs, cultures and religions.

Women are able to identify when they are ovulating so then if wanting to achieve a pregnancy and  women  can  then work out their fertile phase.

Charting can also identify where they are problems that may need further investigations.

What are the disadvantages?

It can take time to learn and Motivation is required for the women to measure the temperature correctly every day and then chart it.  Some events such as travel, lifestyle and stress can make fertility indicators harder to interpret.

Planning a pregnancy?

NFP is a good way for women to work out when they are fertile so that it make it easier when planning a pregnancy.  

Avoiding a pregnancy?

It is a shared responsibility for the couples.  It has been proved that when couples use NFP they are less likely to separate.  NFP enables couples to be independent and in control of their fertility. This method of family planning can be used in all stages of reproductive life.

 Other things to consider

Natural Family Planning does not protect you against STD’S.


Where can i find more information about NFP?


Incleanse would always advise men and women to use conventional methods of contraception such as condoms if they are not in a long term loving relationship.  STDs are very common and increase the risk of  infertility and many other serious health  problems.

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