About Us

Our focus is your well-being and good health. You can depend on our highly-trained staff and our extensive experience.

inCleanse was established by Kirsty McEnroe after setting up a successful award winning family business that ran over 10 years. Kirsty decided to stretch her wings and open a Clinic nearer to her home village Calverley Leeds for a better life/work balance and to provide her services to clients at the other side of Leeds.

At inCleanse we offer a wide range of alternative therapies to meet individual goals and needs.

We believe that the best healing results can be achieved by a thorough understanding of the human anatomy, physiology and pathology.
inCleanse mission is to identify conventional and alternative medicines that will successfully aid in health maintenance, disease prevention and provide supplementary treatments for sufferers of chronic and acute illnesses.
Our therapists are confident, caring and understanding professionals with up to date information and skills to empower others to take there own responsibility for their own health.

We believe each client is unique and treatment should be adapted to suit both lifestyle and individual goals. We try to inform as well as empower our clients in order to facilitate in their health.

Kirsty McEnroe – RGN Colonic Hydrotherapist

Senior Staff Nurse, Registered/Certified Colonic Hydrotherapist. IPCH, Registered Foresight Practitioner, Natural Family Planning Advisor, Laser Technician.

Kirsty is a Registered General Nurse with over 16 year experience working for the National Health service with experience as a Staff Nurse in medicine, Specialist Support Nurse In Respiratory medicine and a senior Ward/Sister in an acute Respiratory Care Unit & Acute ward.

Studying health Care in anatomy and physiology at the Leeds Teaching hospital Kirsty continued her Professional development in Asthma management, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and additional training in smoking cessation.

Kirsty became interested in colonic hydrotherapy after watching “The Salon”, “You Are What You Eat” and additional to that a family member who suffered with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) had benefits and relief of symptoms through this therapy, which inspired her to research into this complementary therapy.

“A very different approach to health, with only experience in conventional medicine I was very apprehensive, but with great interest in eating healthy and the importance of food in the prevention of disease it gave me the incentive to look into other therapies that compliment conventional medicine”. Kirsty trained at The Scottish school of Colonic hydrotherapy in 2004.

The Institute of Professional Colon Hydrotherapy

“My dedication as a practitioner is to improve overall wellbeing by improving clients health. I help them achieve new vitality and increased quality of life”. “I emphasise that Colonic Hydrotherapy provides energy generating physical and psychological benefits leaving clients feeling lighter and brighter”.

Kirsty embarked in her journey in detox & cleansing in 2004 when she attended her colonic hydrotherapy course in the beautiful surroundings at Coveyheugh House in Scotland where she learnt about Colonic hydrotherapy, Digestive Care and detoxification. This amazing centre was run by Anne Lise Miller former honorary secretary of ARCH and co founder of “Cleansing for life” and IPCH. This is where Anne Lise created the Cleansing for Life method. Kirsty now follows Anne Lise’s passion.

Cleansed Soul Happy Soul

Kirsty has developed her knowledge in Preconception care after personal experiences with fertility. Throughout her years has advised couples on preconception care and is a qualified Foresight practitioner. Kirsty’s client includes PCOS sufferer’s and understanding the distressing condition of excess hair growth offers Laser hair removal to help boost self-esteem and confidence in these clients with positive results.


Maggie Maoran – Hypnotherapist

Maggie Maoran

Maggie qualified with a distinction at the Northern College of Therapeutic Hypnotherapy. Her interest in the wonders of this therapy began over 20 years ago whilst looking for a solution to insomnia.

Maggie genuinely cares about the people she helps and thoroughly enjoys her work. Her discretion and friendliness helps people feel immediately at ease and comfortable.

Hypnotherapy is a safe, healthy, effective solution for improving a wide range of problems in just a few sessions of treatment. Apart from changing problematic conditions, giving confidence and therefore enhancing lives, the very state of being in a trance is a thoroughly relaxing and wholly enjoyable experience.

Maggie continues to develop her professional knowledge around this subject and is a member of the National Hypnotherapy society.

Hypnotherapy can help with quitting smoking, Loosing weight, relieve anxiety, build confidence, phobias to name just a few. Hypnotherapy is an enjoyable and richly rewarding experience to quickly access your full potential. You have complete control…and it feels wonderful.


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